Self Cleaning Hotel Room
The use of light as a method of cleaning and adjusting the level of privacy of a hotel room


Exploring the technology of hygiene and the architecture of privacy the project proposes a prototype for a new type of hotel room.

Rooms are independent units, stacked within two structural towers at the front and rear of the building and are accessed via a number of lifts and meticulously planned split staircases, creating a labyrinth of internal volume. 

A cleaning tower rises through the heart of the hotel and serves rooms from both sides allowing a pit-stop-like cleaning strategy to be employed. The used beds fold up within the internal partition to be transported to the cleaning platform, on a track system to be re-made. 

The walls and floor of the room are coated in a superhydrophilic film, which draws a thin layer of water from a sprinkler system across the surface before neatly washing away dirt.  A 'scanner' exposes the surfaces to UV light, which breaks down pollutants and rapidly cleans the entire unit. Freshly made beds are deployed into the vacated rooms and the room is ready to be reoccupied.

Light is seen as a cleaning agent but is also used to 'dress' the room. A personalised digital 'Moodie' is projected onto the front screen of each room when in use, which then forms a kind of digital canvas across a radiant facade which speaks subtly to the rest of the city. The front screen is adjustable allowing occupants to control the levels of privacy and connection with the city.  

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