Fields for essential experiences
The future hotel is in nature with guesthouses and many different fields for essential experiences.


Fields for essential experiences

Concept for Marriott Room 2022.


What do the people want in the nearby  future?

According to the famous German trend and future researcher Mattias Horx  people want much more than just �Wellness�. The western man looks more and more for, what he calls � Selfness�. � Selfness� means:  going through essential personal experiences for ones own development to psychological majority.


Wellness spoiling and entertainment is not enough for the modern future man. He/she wants to take some valuable experiences with them, when they go home. The keywords are: interaction, authentic, real, transformation, energetic, excitement and essential experiences beyond the narrow box of the daily personality.


The new trend
The contest � Marriott Room 2022� is based on � Wellness and entertainment� and is actualy already out of date. Marriott is asking us to decorate the narrow box, but the desire of the future man is to jump out of the box. Matthias Horx is right. Everywhere the trend is going into the direction of  essential  experiences.

Inner growing, new visions, new dimensions, open minds, extending your personal horizon, ect, is the new direction, but not everybody has the possibility to do a sweatlodge ceremony with a shaman in Peru, or to get a shiatsu massage from a chinese healer, or can sing mantras with tibetten monks in a himalayan cave, or take a tradition mudbath with haitien Voodo-priests, or do a whirling session with turkish derwishdancers, or get a sexual initiation from a tantric devoty, ect.


It is not possible to bring all the different experiences in one hotelroom, so we have to come from another perspective. I think the primal focus should be on the contents of the different field for essential experiences and then compose certain guesthouses or rooms around this field.



The future Hotel
The future idea of a hotel is not anymore: � pressing a lot of rooms in one big building in the middle of a big city, refining and decorating these rooms ones and a while and the guest will be happy�. No, the future hotels will be outside the cities in nature with a lot of land, with big gardens, different type of guesthouses and many different field for essential experiences.

In my presentation I show 4 examples of guesthouses (I have many more) for this kind of hotel. Easy and cheap to build with natural materials. (see pictures guesthouse 1 till 8 )  


7 Fields of experience with different elements.    

I would like to start with 7 different fields of experience according to the essential life values for the Marriott Hotel of the future. I designed 30 different kind of fields for essential experiences and I will show 3 examples in this presentation, more ore less as a framework. A lot of creativity, designing, construction solutions and improvement of the first sketches is needed. So a lot of jovoto designers and artist can be involved in this win-win-win situation. A lot of designs and ideas of the last Marriott contest can be used to create the different fields, so that this creative energy ist not lost.

The 7 essential life values, where the field of experiences are connected with.  


1: Awareness of one�s body: feeling at home in one�s body is a precondition for health and vitality.

2: Awareness of one�s feelings: perception and sensitivity is a precondition for enjoying bodily contact, sensual pleasure and orgasmic sexual melting with another human being. 

3: Awareness of one�s individuality: living one�s life, following one�s dreams, utilizing one�s power, talents and potentiality in society in a constructive way, is a precondition for feeling self-respect, usefulness, and connectedness with the group and the people.

4: Awareness of love: love and compassion are preconditions for harmonious relationships with other human- and living beings.

5: Awareness of expression: being in touch with inspiration and beauty is a precondition for expressing and sharing oneself in an original and creative way.

6: Awareness of insights: connectedness with intuition, wisdom and faith is a precondition for seeing the ways of truth.

7: Pure Awareness: consciousness and awareness - without any attachments - opens the doors to deep relaxation and bliss.



The lay-out of the fields of essential experiences

The whole set-up of the fields will be so artistic, playful, welcoming, and surprising that many people will feel challenged to come and open up to all the experiences that the fields offers. Step by step, the participants can move through the different elements and they will be astonished at how much they discover about themselves.





Field 1 with 8 different elements

Clay-womb (see picture: Clay womb 1 )

Clay-womb is an element to create more body-awareness through the contact with clay, loam, mud or ground. These are the basic materials of our mother earth and by using them we get rooted with the earth. In the past we were building our houses out of these materials in round and curving forms. Still a lot of people in the third world are building in this way and feel healty with it.


The clay-womb building (see pictures: Clay womb building 1 till 4)

The clay-womd building lookes like a big half egg 41.60 M long, 24 M broad and the highest point is 12 M. The basic construction is made of straight wood beams connected in a certain angle, which give the suggestion of a round building. On the wood beams the walls will be covered with woodplanks. On woodplanks a layer of canosmose will isolate the whole building. The last thin layer on the canosmose will be fine plaster mixed with latex to make the roof waterproof. In the clay-womb building there will be 8 different parts to support body-awareness.

3-    Clay pathway (See picture: Clay pathway 2 and 3)

is a pathway made out of clay in certain basic forms, namely like the marrow-structure in boons, but then about 1000x enlarged. The openings in the marrow-structure in the pathway are of different sizes and the visiters have to find the right sizes to come foreward. The right openings can be in all directions, left, righ, in front, behind, above the head or under in the floor. The visiters have to move like a snake to find there way through and in doing so there bodies will have full-contact with the forms and the clay-material. Through the climbing, crawling, rolling, streching, pusching, ect all the muscles of the body will get a good exercice. The exercise can�t be done automatically, because the situation is very new. That means that the awareness has to be totaly in the body to lead the body through this uncommon situation. The awareness allso has to be very centered in itself, otherwise the mind could easily come in a state of panik. The big marrow-structure creates a strong earth-like energy field, which brings the attention from the mind into the body.


2- Mud disco. (see pictures : Muddisco 1 till 3)

From the clay pathway the visiters enter into a underground Mud-disco.

The mud-disco is a twelve-sided room, all walls of which are decorated with mirrors. The floor is bowl-shaped and filled with liquid clay (the clay is heated at body temperature). On the bowl-shaped floor and alongside the walls there are a total of 24 pillars constructed of layered discs. The lowest pillar sticks out 50 cm above the clay and the highest one 500 cm. The pillars are connected by walking bridges. The mirrors on the walls and the pillars together give the impression of an endless canyon. The layered discs of the pillars give a primal impression; as if they are corroded by the clay and by eternity.

In the first part the visitors move between the pillars and through the warm clay, accompanied by music with deep earth frequencies. Here and there the clay suddenly starts bubbling (rising air bubbles). By the slow movements and the skin contact with the warm clay, the consciousness connects itself automatically with the body. The unusual surroundings and the primal feelings capture our consciousness in the moment, by which the chaotic mind is momentarily put to rest.

In the second part the visitors climb the pillars, after having washed off the clay in the showers on the entry-stairs. As soon as everybody has found a place on a pillar, the music changes to a catchy drum rhythm. More and more drums join in, and the music becomes exciting. As the visitor�s awareness has been directed to the body, the next step towards moving to the drum-rhythm has become very small. Especially when several visitors start dancing spontaneously, the other visitors will be pulled into the happening by itself.

As soon as most of them have finished dancing, the music changes to calm earth frequencies. Everyone lies down in the clay at the edges of the room, and falls  into a deep relaxation.


3- Clay-pit for catchplay. ( see pictures : claypit 1 till 3 )

Clay-pit is a round bowlformed pit full of wet clay, with a middel line of 1728 cm. The middle of the pit is the deepest point. The pit is arranged with all kind of playfull clayform, like: slippery slides and slopes, bridges, little hills and holes, hiddden corners, small edges and tunnels. The pit is the perfect playground for a run and catchplay with the whole group. In the ceiling there will be fine water sprinkler to keep the clay wet. After a while the bodies of the  participants will be full of wet clay. In this play the visiters will learn to let-go of old conditioning about beying dirty. For most of the children it is forbidden and there mother gets angry if they become dirty. After playing in this clay-pit the visiters will feel more free and joyfull with there nacked body.


4- Clay modeling cave ( see pictures : Clay modeling 1 till 2 )

is allso a space in the clay-womb-building full of wet clay. The group get instructed to make a huge artwork out of this clay. The visiters are sitting ore standing in the clay. The artwork can start in the middle of cave, spread to all sides, on the walls till the ceiling. After the total action in the clay pit the bio-energy can be transformed in creativity and concentration in this part. After some time, when the artwork is ready, the particpants can sit around it and meditate on this object in a receptive way to understand which essentuel energymessage is mirrored.


5- Birth Tunnel ( see pictures : Birth Tunnel 1 and 2 )

is a long small and dark tunnel of 40 meter with curving corners under the earth. To be able to come to the next attraction in the claywomb the visiters has to pass through the birth-tunnel. Every body has to pass alone through the darkness in a crawling position. This exercise can wake up some traumatic feeling in the unconscious around ones birth. The goal of this exercise is to become aware of all the negative programmes in our unconscious around our first intensive experience on earth, our birth. Programmes and mind-voices, who are still ruling our life, as soon as we are facing an intense or difficult situation. To go with awareness through the birth-tunnel and with the support of the groups-energy we can take some distance from these negative programmas and see them just as they are, memories from the past.


6- Clay treasure cave (see picture : Clay treasures 1 )

is an reward for every body, who was courageous enough to pass through the birth-tunnel. The treasure cave is full of beautifull artworks of clay. From a body-line claychair, accompanied with gentle music and a hot chocolate-drink the visiters can enjoy the artworks. Direct after the tunnel (birth) it is very important to make some blissfull associations. The claychairs are moving along the artworks and the visiters only have to relax and being aware of the actuel moment.


7- Clay relaxation

In clay-relaxation the participants will lay down in a bath of warm liquid clay.

The room is like a big round womb and the bathes are arranged in a circle. The room is almost dark and there is playing some soft musik for relaxation. 

In this situation the body is so much relaxt that the mind has no reason to be active, everything is at ease. And if the mind surrenders, then the only state of reality which is left is the pure awareness of the participants. This melting with the own beying is a deep spirituel experience.


8- Clay meditation holes (see pictures: Clay meditation 1)

To stay for a while in this meditative admosphere the participants can go into a clay meditation hole. The meditation holes are special places for just one person to sit in silence. The holes are located around the top of the clay-womb and can be reach by an stringladder. After all the intensive stages in the claywomb the body and the mind are satisfied and will keep quiet for a while. At that moment the medition of the visiters can be deepend. 




Field 2 with 4 different elements 

All the elements in this field aim to make the visitors more aware of their feelings. Situations are created in which people are invited to open up to other human beings. To trust and flow with their feelings, to extend their boundaries, to be centered, to connect with the male and female qualities inside themselves, to befriend their sexuality.


1- Underwater world (see pictures: underwaterworld 1 till 5 )

Underwater world is a covered swimming-pool-like basin with round forms and tropical surroundings. The pool is 3 to 5 meters deep and decorated with underwater objects that are reminiscent of underwater plants, animals and corals. The colors and forms are very attractive and they will arouse the wish to swim through them and to let oneself be enchanted by their beauty. This means: take a deep breath, dive and enjoy. When one does this for half an hour, one is in fact doing a pranayama-yoga exercise. This exercise is not only very healthy, but when done in water it connects people with their emotional life as well. We recommend to rest and sit on a bench alongside the basin for a while after the diving. The action and deep breathing will dissolve a lot of tension. Sitting on the bench directly afterwards can bring very deep relaxation.


2- Tantric pool (see pictures: waterplay 1 till 6)

The waterbasins in this field are made in very organic and erotic forms. As if they are made by the waterstream. The water in the pool is constant moving and streaming from one part to lower parts. This streaming is like a gentle massage around the body of the visiter. The different nisches and corners give a feeling of intimacy. The whole pool is very inviting to make contact with others on a emotional level. Little waterfalls challange the visiters to flow with the streams and trust the water. All these aspects provoke the visiters to make there conditioned mind a bit more liquid and open for the advanture called � life�.


3- Water-siatsu

In this pool the visiters can take a individuel session water-siatsu.

In this session the visiters is very passive and let him/herself move through the water by a siatzu instructor.


4- Hangout pool  (see picture: Hangout pool 1 )

In this part of field 2 the pool is very undeep and with round separations. It invited to hang around with other visiters, to be half in the sun and half in the water, to give eachother a massage, have a drink, ore just relax into his own feelings.



Field 3 with 2 different elements

This section will express the wish to open the hearts of the people, to transform pain and self-destruction into a feeling of connectedness and a feeling of love. To be sympathetic, instead of feeling self-pity. To give respectful help instead of sacrificing oneself. To follow the heart instead of the mind calculations. To love oneself and to radiate this fragrance all around.


1: Big Ball Room (see pictures: Big Ball Room 1 till 3 )
Big Ball Room is a big Torus-formed hall, packed with skippy balls in fascinating, wavy forms. The room has some terraces and higher and lower floors. The sides are filled up with big round forms. The skippy balls are arranged in such a way that they touch one another very tightly. The colours are salmon, pink, soft red and orange, to provoke subconscious associations with a huge womb.

The skippy balls function both as a trampoline and a catching net, allowing the visitors to jump on them, bounce, roll-over, fall: to let go totally without hurting themselves. This gives a feeling of enormous freedom, of being able to fly and of let-go. This heavenly state is known to every person, deep inside, as a memory of being in the womb. Because one satisfies the same need together with all the other people in the room, a feeling of unity and of being connected will prevail. There is no hierarchy in jumping together. Social differences and divisions disappear in this room.

Jumping on these balls arouses the basic energy in the first chakra; in eastern terms: Kundalini energy. The feeling of �unity out of freedom� that arises in this room, makes this energy move to the heart chakra. The more often the heart chakra is activated, the more often the visitor will arrive at a state of love for himself and others. By taking in this �soul-food�, daily life becomes bearable again.


2- Relexation room.

From the Big Ball Room, one can go to one of the relaxation rooms to catch one�s breath.


Till sofar the introduction and explanation of �the field of essential  experiences�


Thank you for your attention: Conradius




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