Sliding room
Sliding room for 2022. Flexibility of the room spaces through different sliding doors.


Sliding room for 2022. Flexibility of the room spaces through different sliding doors.
This system allows room partitioning. You can also consider the room as a module, and so can build the entire hotel the way you like and want.

The LED panel functions as:

-         sliding room divider (playing art pictures on its surface, jungles, waterfronts�or just clear)

-         multimedia/movie player when the room is divided

-         privacy guarantee

-         chameleon surface

Another great peculiarity of the sliding panle ssystem is to divide the space in different areas. You can stay in 4 people, and each persone can have his private space. One can sleep, one can have make up, one can work and one can stay in the bathroom. For the privacy is also great have the toilet separated.

The LED sliding panel. When you are in bed or in the relaxing living room zone, you can watch the painting of your favorite artist on the LED multimedia wall, or can read your favorite book, or watch your favorite TV series (Lost is mine!) ...or simply relax yourself turning everything off: the LED wall will turn in black.

All the walls in the room are white, lucid and multimedial. The walls can be switched on and appears a multimedia wall:

- to choose what to eat/drink

- what to listen to

- what to read

- what to watch/play

- what to visit/

- check the meteo/traffic/flight

- choose what kind of bath/shower you will have

My idea is that we have two or more multimedia walls.
On the right side (from the entrance) there is the menu wall: here you can display the restaurant menu; you can scroll the drinks and dishes list, than select the preferred one and also preferred delivery time. As bonus once you have order the dish or the beverage, the receipe can be displayed as well. You can also select in advance your allergy or food dislike and the menu will automatically remove the related items.
On the left side (from the entrance) you have a second multimedia wall. As regards magazines you can choose either view the online issue or get a printed one delivered in your room. The online issue can be displeyed directly o the wall or on your personal device or where you like it. The same method can be applied regarding movies, books, series, music, point of interest, etc... On this wall you can surf the net, order the laundry service, chat to the reception and define your home personal application in the room: wake up alarm, personal messages from hotel, weather, traffic, flight status, train timetable, room color scheme palette, sliding LED walls appearance (arts, photos, simply colors...), the SPA menu, makeup tutorials, etc... 

All the part of the room compare themselves in an organic manner. The walls of the room become tvs, change colors in a chameleontic way. The walls and the sliding panels become displays as functionality inside the room, useful for the guest who is inside; a guest living the room in a total way, never forget that you can have all the functions on your personal device.

This constitutes the organic connection between the parts and all the room.

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