Smart CUBE
Smart glass projection cube!


Simple concept of hotel room! Speciality of this room is glass cube.
 Each side is made of modular system smart glass which you can use separately or all at once.
 You can project on each module what ever you want ( 360 view, 3D animation, pictures, movies, computer,...).
You can control everything with a touch tab which is very simple to use.
 Whit it you can order a food, drink, massage, fitness equipment, ..., and of course you control smart glass with it. 

In this kind of room you can be where ever you want to be. For example in Bora Bora, Maldives, Alps, desert, jungle,...
So you would just choose on touch tab Bora Bora 360 view and glass cube would project it. On the floor for example you could choose
3D animation of the sea with fishes,... Or you can have direct view from the roof of hotel (cameras outside of the hotel).
It is million possibilities of usage glass cube. Well it is depend of imagination!

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