sustainable hotel units
sustainable hotell units (isolated or in small groups) are scattered around the world


sustainable hotell units.
Residential units (isolated or in small groups) are scattered around the diferent area . A three-part
unit is made of hexagonal modules (the principle of honeycomb). The units consist of 4 cells, equipped with a kitchen and bathroom,
accommodating 4 people each. The upper 5th cell is common space. The hall serves as a buffer  zone.
Modular units can be easily  transported. They can be produced in special plants and transported   fully collection  together with the furniture and decoration. 
These units can be installed in different locations, such as places where there is no civilization. They should be sustainable. Have water borehole 
and  septic swamp for recycling. Blinds on the windows will service protection from the sun and solar cell at same time.

Interior should be continuous exterior. We Think in the future, scientiest will have development new type of grass, wich will be useful for a  room's microclimat  and general health clients. 
Devices should to maintain  grass. It will be like a mini robots. In the first flor and second flor  are   big 3D screens (without surface) with a general control all unit.

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