Rejuvenating Rooms
Being in a room, the ageing of the guest slows down and rejuvenation occurs.


Rejuvenating Rooms

Population ageing is one of the main problems for 21 century society. The successes of gerontology and biogenetics now allow slow the ageing process. Over the next 20 years the development of ageing prevention methods will lead to a revolution in this field of study.

Rejuvenating Rooms is a revolutionary concept for the hotel business, which can be implemented already in present time! Being in a room, the ageing of the guest slows down and rejuvenation occurs. 

Scientifically proven methods used:

Ionized, oxigen rarefied air in the rooms (mountain air reduces oxidation of the mitochondria of cells, delaying aging);

Aromatherapy (the use of herbs rich in essential oils - lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, cedar needles, etc.);

Special Menu (food and beverages containing geroprotectors - wine, berries, citrus fruits, caviar, etc.);

Bioacoustics - scientifically proved positive impact of Mozart, Beethoven, Tibetan and yoga music on humans and even vegetation bio rhythms, and negative impact of urban sounds.

Biomimicry � anti-aging rooms look like a flowers or berries;

Healthy sleep controls will help to comply with bio-rhythms;

Media out - all media-TV-Internet posted in the lobby outside the room;

The longer you are in the anti-aging hotel, the more is your rejuvenating.

Anti-aging is the additional reason to visit the hotel - as in the home hard to create a rejuvenating environment, guests will be seeking to rejuvenate in the hotel.


The global architecture has never researhced the influence�s possibility of architectural space for slowing down the aging process. 

At the same time, recent scientific resaurches in the field of gerontology, biochemistry and bio-genetics allow to develop different methods of managing the aging process. 

Scientists predict ways to slow down aging - not only to prolong life by 20-40 years, but also significantly extend the period of a young life. 

The greatest results in aging prevention or slowing should be achieved in the area of ??pharmacology. But architecture also can achieve rejuvenation. In ancient times, people already had been able to create a favorable environment - Feng Shui, harmony gardens, meditation rooms, etc. 

Thanks to recent discoveries of science there is the opportunity to create a comprehensive methodology to reduce aging through the organization of space.

The study and creation of the concept of rejuvenating space should be based on the works of the greatest scientists in this field: Nobel Laureates E. H. Blackburn, C. W. Greider and J. W. Szostak, as well as V. Havinson and V.P. Skulachev.

The concept of space can include anti-aging research impact on slowing the aging elements of the following:

1. The composition of air and climate

2. Aromatherapy

3. The use of color in the interior

4. The use of meditation techniques

5. Anti-stress solutions

6. Space of sound and acoustics of the organization

7. Diet - the inclusion geroprotectors in food- products rich anti-oxidants, peptide bioregulators,          adaptogens etc.

8. Studies of Oriental traditional practices

9. The study of harmony

10. The shape of space, biomimicry

11. Organizing of biorhythms

12. Space for a perfect sleep

13. The organization of motor activity of body

14. Reducing the negative impact of IT

Rejuvenating space certainly will not cure the main sources of mortality - cancer, stroke and heart attack - but it can prevent or slow the catalysts of these diseases. Through research we can calculate the specific effect of rejuvenating space on life expectancy and an increase in the active phase of life.