Marriott Mara
The beauty of my design is that it can be implemented in both lodges (safari) and modern buildings.



With a wealth of history, the Marriott is a world class leading hotel. My design will stick to the classy look that is synonymous with the Marriott brand.

The design incorporates a traditional safari lodge look while embracing the future.

Travelers love hotels that are not only relaxing but efficient, making their stay pleasant and memorable and worth their costs.

My concept is simple and practical. I have designed a room for 2. I will not claim to be the designer of any of the technologies but I have gathered information on all of them and changed them to fit to my design. I have given links to support my concept.

Standard Double Room � twin beds

Room size 22.9 meters squared

In- room facilities:      

·         a sliding entry door with an electronic lock with magnetic entry card

·         storage at the bottom of the bed for suitcases

·         the clothes are stored behind the mirrored cabinets near the bathroom and a light goes on when the door is opened.

·         the safe is hidden at the bottom of the clothes cabinet and can only be accessed by a special card by the guest.

·         the clear bathroom glass wall, has a one way LCD display which create a digital experience for both the guest in the bathroom and the one outside. The display turns on as soon as a guest opens the motion sensor sliding door and steps in to the bathroom, obscuring the view, thus creating privacy. The guest using the bathroom can choose to look through the glass or watch satellite TV or watch the display.

·         automated drinks bar with in-built refrigeration offers drinks that can be mixed to the guests� pleasure. There are no bottled drinks, it works like a vending machine and mixes the drinks; cocktails, juices, alcohol and mineral water.

·         a Jacuzzi/pool with a balcony view

·         touch screen working desk with Microsoft or Macintosh which projects 3d images of what the guest is working on. The guest can choose what they prefer; 3d or 2d. The desk can also be used for meals when the computer is not in use.

·         anti-allergic mattress, which uses no beddings, can be adjusted to the guest�s body shape and from the control panel, its temperature can be adjusted.

·         Wi-Fi electrical and internet connection. There is no wiring in the room, everything is connected through wireless electricity and no batteries are used.

·         The suspended lamp in the middle of the room is magnetic.

·         The two floating seats are also magnetic.

   A touch screen control panel controls:

·         indoor motion lighting sensors that can be turned off when not in use. The lighting on the walls is for mood setting. 

·         retractable wall cabinets with 2 readymade space saving beds (90cm x 200cm).

·         retractable floor which covers the seating area and creates a surface where the beds will lie. When the beds are in place, there are steps which lead to the pool and balcony area. The lamps on the steps use touch-light technology.

·         there is a 3D projector which when put on, automatically shuts the ceiling to floor window thus creating the ultimate 3D experience in movies and satellite television.

·         surround music system which is in combination with the 3D projector. The room is sound proof once the window is shut.

Bathroom facilities:

·         Shower combines hydrotherapy and spa treatments which can be programmed from a dispenser.

·         toilette which is suspended on the wall

·         towels and automatic paper dispenser

·         sink which has LED taps that changes the colour of the running water. Red for hot and blue for cold with a combination of purple with different hues depending on the temperature.

Materials used:

Aerogel- used to build the windows that are not only see through but self insulating. The temperature can be controlled from the control panel.

Richlite- 70% of it is made of recycled paper. The material is made by treating the paper with a resin and baked to create solid sheets that are then used to make the floor boards.

Carbon filler- This is made of carbon strands that are thinner than the human hair. The strands are woven together like a cloth and can be molded in to any shape. Carbon filler is very strong and flexible. It is the perfect construction material in harsh areas. It is 5 times as strong as steel, 2 times as stiff and two-thirds lighter.

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