"traffic", "accommodation" and "guide",AIDA is the perfect solution for these demands.


What people are most concerned with when travelling to a strange city is traffic, accommodation and direction. AIDA is the perfect solution for these demands. 

This is the first trip of Era to Tokyo. Let�s see how she spent the first day in this large, crowded and surprising city. 

8:00am, Era received the welcome message of AIDA when she got off the plane in Tokyo International Airport. Following the instruction of AIDA, Era successfully found out the way out of airport and reached the appointed location where AIDA was already waiting for a long time. 

AIDA is a combination of car and the robert, It has highly intelligent navigation system and road traffic condition management system, the car can drive by itself, at the same time, it can also communicate with you through audio system. All you need to do is to sit in the message seat, listen to some music, play games or watch a short movie,then arrive destination.

At the destination ,a lift takes you and AIDA to the roof.

Yes! It's your hotel. Welcome to AIDA'S HOTEL!

The hotel is on the top of a building, including the parking place,Sauna&SPA,swimming pool,restaurant&pub and garden.

9:00am, Era has a Sauna to eliminate the tiredness, takes a relaxing SPA, and then has  a breakfast in roof restaurant. Covered by morning sunshine, she already feels energetic. Are you ready for your trip around Tokyo now? Let�s go!

It is better to lie in AIDA and tell it where you want to visit, or you may communicate with AIDA and ask it to tell you the funning sites of Tokyo. AIDA is a wonderful guide. You just need to lie in the comfortable massage armchair and set a comfortable angle to enjoy the scene along the way. Of course, when you want to take a little walk, you just need to tell AIDA the time of gathering and it will locate the closest parking lot to charge itself. 

6:00pm, Era returns to hotel after a whole-day visit. But, she don�t feel any tiredness because of the considErate care of AIDA. 

After dinner in restaurant, Era takes a walk in the garden to appreciate the sunset of Tokyo. With the lights around, you will discover the special charming beauty of Tokyo�s evening. At this time, the function of bar also starts on roof and you can enjoy the performance of band and have a chat with audiences present. 

How time flies! By 0:00, the crowd leaves gradually and it is service time of AIDA again. Era lies in AIDA, listen to her favorite soft music, enjoy the stars in the sky through the top window, and fall in sleep without awareness......

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