less is more
More SPACE, Less Objects


Today's tendencies are to combine our day by day used devices into one single gadget.

Why not do the same with our living space? 
So, here is a process to give a room, that today is used only for sleeping, a greater functionality like:
shopping, cinema, conference, dinner party, sightseeing, etc, but using less objects.

We believe that in 2022, the whole hotel concept will change: hotel chains will not longer offer customers a space for "sleep" but a "space". Clients will use this "space" according to their needs and preferences, with their friends or alone, for business meetings, parties, dinner parties, shopping, travel. For lonely businessmen, Marriott will offer the comfort of home.

This space should not be any larger or smaller than the regular size of a hotel room, but should be minimal furnished with basic necessities, to give customers the opportunity to exploit it.

Furniture will  consist ??of those fixed minimum strictly necessary items: bed, table,sink,toilet.
All that is surplus will be removed.
The technology will make possible the  elimination of all excess objects.
The TV, phone, fax, internet, lighting, medical monitoizarea, temperature monitoring will be compressed into the walls.