Variable room


Variable room. Pliable walls to answer the guests nevessity. Looking the plan design of the room, you can see how the privacy of the room is total. The pliable walls are compactable, to have or not to have privacy or sun light. Total white for the furniture, that can change colors throug LED lights. Touch control panel near the entrance.  A screen is present in both rooms (fall from ceiling). The pliable material of the walls functions like the game of metallic needles. It's a white translucent pliable material. The room is planned to guarantee lot of privecy to the guest, up to 4.  The bath area is divided into: main bath, toilet and shower, so 3 people can bath at the same time. The second bedroom can also be a place of relaxing time, when the separè is up.
This room concept is adaptable to every place, country, in the world.

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