Clarity 2022
Simplicity, adaptability and technology are the keys of my project


The project provides a highly modern but with moderation and pragmatism, we are in 2022 and not in 2200!

The project makes a guest feel free to Marriott decide what they do inside the room to decide what music to listen to and which movie to watch. Marriott Guests will feel at home but at the same time, all you have in hand, probably does not have at home.

Sports, Relaxation, Fun, Work, Concentration, Practicality, Comfort and privacy are the fundamental principles of the project.

The project is based on some main features:

- Transformability / Adaptability of spaces: a foldaway treadmill is in the middle of the room. This allows guests to play sports in the room when he wants. Finish loosening the treadmill disappears inside the wall that turns into a large screen for movies or TV shows.
The work table is near the bed can move up to just above the bed to allow guests to work while comfortably lying down and without having to move out of bed.
Every movement of furniture, walls, and elements is fully automated.

- Privacy and facilities: breakfast in bed, newspaper room, dining room become less intrusive option. In fact, the waiter will come into the room and leave the breakfast or the newspaper in a special compartment immediately next to the door. He will not enter the room and will see nothing of what is in the room.
A computer alerts the host Marriott delivery and he can have breakfast or newspaper in a second room near the bed.
If the host is indisposed to receive the waiter a special red light (STOP) will be visible outside the door and can be controlled from inside.

- Multimedia, Audio and Video: All glass surfaces are also videowalls. The white walls also allow you to perform projection of films and TV programs; The bed is dominated by a continuous ceiling that reaches the earth in the clear style of car design. This ceiling houses the audio controls video and audio speakers.

- Relax and Suggestions: The bathtub was placed near the large window. This increases the perception of relaxation by the host Marriott. Take a warm bath while admiring the view of the city from above is priceless. From the tank to the toilet was a carpet place continuously without interruption to avoid dripping on the floor;

- Energy savings: the windows of the room is shielded from light and movable retractable solar panels. During the absence in the guest room, the panels can be "dropped" and absorb heat to provide useful energy to his return.
The rooms are single cells stacked one on top but not touching (if not through the static structure). This allows full ventilation between the floors and then a summer energy saving.

- Complete Acoustic Isolation: the separation between rooms and the other structural parts of contacts desolidarised a substantial noise reduction. The guest will be more free to listen to music or chat late into the night without disturbing nearby guests.

Floor: white resin
Ceiling and free forms: Corian
Walls: Plasterboard, Corian
Table: Corian
Chair: Leather, Steel
Chair and ottoman: Leather, Wood
Carpet: fabric
Glass Window: Double glazing with air chamber high-res

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