Room 2022 - Life, Simplified
Designed to create a simple, refined backdrop for the complexity of life...


Room 2022

Designed to create a simple, refined backdrop for the complexity of life, Room 2022 re-imagines the typical hotel module as a flexible, open, light-filled, and interactive space.    

Re-orienting the hotel room

The most impactful change incorporated into Rm. 2022 has nothing to do with technology.  Rather, it spatially differentiates the room from its competitors.  By rotating the typical hotel room 90 degrees, the design maximizes Rm. 2022�s interaction with its context (i.e. the view outside), making a dramatic impression on hotel guests as soon as they enter the room.

Eliminating the �Double-Double�

Room 2022 creates a new room module more fitting to the diversity of hotel guest types.  Instead of creating two typical room modules (the �King� and the �Double-Double�), Room 2022 creates a space flexible for groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons.  The room is based around a primary King-sized bed and seating area, easily accommodating both a single and double occupancy.  By utilizing two Pullman-style twin beds which fold out of the room�s wood-paneled wall, the room better supports the needs of a family with 1 or 2 children as well as a group of 4 friends (no one has ever enjoyed sharing a double-sized bed).

Re-imagining the hotel bathroom


For decades, the typical hotel bathroom has remained an afterthought, a necessity typically stuck in the corner with no thought of light or air.  Room 2022 turns this on its head, re-apportioning the typical hotel room�s dry and wet spaces, giving equal weight to both the actions of sleeping and bathing.  In doing so, Room 2022 elevates the potentially banal activity of showering to a dynamic and peaceful spatial experience--- bringing a feeling of a luxury spa to each hotel guest�s room. 


By coupling the primary wet and dry spaces together, the design creates the impression of more space within the room.  In utilizing a smart glass wall, the room affords its guests a spectrum of privacy options, both between the shower and sleeping areas of the room and between the room and the outside.


Incorporating Technology


Room 2022 incorporates new technology as a spatial, interactive component of the hotel guest experience.  Utilizing both touch-sensitive and voice-activated controls, the room�s smart wall allows guests to interact with most of the room�s functions and systems--- from entertainment and information options, to concierge and room service options, to air-conditioning, privacy/shading, and water temperature options.  The room�s smart wall and computer support will also synchronize with personal computing devices, creating a seamless informational transition from home to hotel room for guests.

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