Immerse yourself in the real beauty of nature.


The year 2020 will be here very soon.... Time goes by so fast!

The near future presents interesting new alternatives for organizing the hotel business. New technologies and evolving lifestyles will lead to more personal and differentiated approach to consumers. This design presents only one of the options for the next-gen hotel room of 2020.

This glass �hotel room� can be viewed as a high-tech version of the remote vacation �cabin�. It is set in a wooded environment and off the grid, and self-contained with it's electricity and water supplies, as well as a ultra high speed satellite internet link. This "room" is actually a small separate house, as it has two rooms, bathroom and kitchenette. It is enclosed with smart glass ( a technology which can change transparency and color depending on the degree of privacy desired. It is envisioned that the room would be rented on a long-term basis, for example 2 weeks.

It is set in a wooded environment and totally off the grid, as that it is self-contained with it's own electricity and water supplies, as well as a ultra-high-speed satellite internet link

This �room would appeal to the new generation of professionals that are able, due to technology to work at any time and from anywhere there is Internet access. They spend more time with their family and do not commute... other than the short trip from their bedroom to their home offices. But, sometimes, they need to get away from their small world.

My husband and I would be potential customers as we work through the internet and bring up our twin girls. We want to learn more about the world, so I need a room surrounded by nature. This room would appeal to me as it allows me to do anything I want to do in a beautiful setting

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