inEnergy Future


  Our global supplies are about to run out, in these difficult times, we need  innovative ideas that will put an end to our role as consumers. inEnergy offers a wonderful opportunity to each and every one of us to take be actively involved in the producing of the energy we need. Using the latest  technology, we will have the freedom to generate electricity even when we're relaxing in a hotel room.
  The main element of the power supply is the power-generating floor, which converts the vibrations into electric waves. Sensors capturing the movement and the energy field balance of the human body are also part of this system, which in turn makes the visitor - a human major source - a creator - an assistant of the energy ballance in the complex. This is only an assisting, but in the same time also one of the major power-supplying systems in the complex.
  All room systems, including security systems,  are operated by an individually assigned mobile tablet for each guest of the hotel.there is also an attached, non-  removable panel in every room.

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