The “IMPRINTING” is the ability that has an ambient to make its mark in the heart of the customer!


The �IMPRINTING� is the ability that has an ambient to make its mark in the heart of the customer a lover can make the mark in the heart of the a person!!!!

It's not like love at first sight, really. It's more like... gravity moves.... suddenly!!!

When a lover receives an imprinting from a specific person, he becomes unconditionally bound to her for the rest of his life!!!

This is the aim of this project�.something that the client probably will not forget never�like the first impact of a baby in the world�.many things even if the baby doesn�t remind them ..they will be part of him forever!!!

The gravity is represented by the rotation of three bands of different sizes and a fixed one, where the services are housed. The architecture is practically integrated in the bands and creates the various functions.

The bands are divided as follows, respectively in:

  • a green relax area;
  • a gym area,
  • a sleeping/ coffee area;
  • and a bathroom area.

  1. The band of the entrance is designed as a green mantle with natural hills, where you can lie back and relax....and also through the hologram technology you can talk with people at a distance.

It is an area of relationship with family or business. 

When the band rotates you have other sittings but the area becomes more lounge and more relaxed. During the night you can have also a starry sky through the use of special lights and holograms: you could have the sensation to touch the constellation and the light of a hanging with form of a tree!!!

  1. The second band is studied for services used for the gym with :
  • First rotation - a treadmill;
  • Second rotation -  a weight bench;
  • Third rotation -  wii fit.

  1. The third band is used for:
  • First rotation � sleeping area;
  • Second rotation � coffee area;

  1. The fourth band is used as a bath, shower and lockers: it�s fixed.

The windows are positioned on one side only as expected from the briefing, while the opposite openings hide monitors connected to an external camera that makes you see the change of time.

During the day there will be not only transformations of configurations through the spins of the room but also changes of light, holograms and perfumes.The holograms, in the specific, during the day will be butterflies and leaves, while during the night they will be stars.

All with an eye to eco design and green solution.

One more important thing is the combination of the forms of car design and with the textures of fashion: Marriott could customize the interior with the most famous textures in the history of fashion and the hypothetical customer could choose one.

For the rotation of the bands there will be a user-friendly interactive hologram.

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