I think the most important, wherever I go in the world, to feel myself at home!


I think the most important, wherever I go in the world, to feel myself at home, I can stay in any hotel! This was the guiding principle of my design!?The rooms are designed into the space I dreamed of a techniques , which create the most personalized feeling of  at home!

The system is based on a unique Marriott Account (MA), which stores the pattern we have set to our favorite, lights, TV broadcasts, Internet sites, RSS feeds, temperatures, OLED wallpaper styles! A visual code can enter the room, we hold the code in front of the camera and the door will open! Then we presented a multimedia screen with a virtual assistant asks the MA code, then customize the suite according to predefined your needs! You can add voice control instructions and or with our laptop  or tablet system can connect to the room where in the room we can play our favorite music or multimedia we can share on the screen our photos as well. The settings specified in the MA be fixed anywhere in the world and if you stay in a Marriott hotel, set in the code, the same settings and make it hot again with the current atmosphere in our rooms! The system will help us to entirely customized we can sleep in comfortable rooms with a maximum of comfort and a cozy feeling provider.

Main Features:?
  • MA account (last set lights, photos, TV programs, your favorite Internet pages, RSS )?
  • Visual code-open the doors?
  • Special foods lift?
  • Separate ventilation systems in all rooms
  • ?Fully insulated, fire-proof walls?
  • Personal virtual assistant, voice control?
  • Integrated system tourist with Weather and Reminders

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