Blanco is a concept of transforming futuristic room with absolute user customization ability.


Blanco is based on �select & extrude� principle  (touch � screen system), where every guest can select region in the room, and create furniture (or any other form) by extruding it from the floor.

By creating warm organic interior instead of cold geometric one, guest can interact with his own designed space (surrounding), and satisfy his needs and urges. This way, he can create his own furniture and adjuct its place, shape, size, ergonomy� In case of creativity lack, each user can find preset  (template) and easily apply it into space.

In technical aspect, Blanco system room is consisted of two main components: vertical telescopic hydraulic cylinders and straching top layer � air chambers. Cylinders are installed into the floor and they can extend up to height of 1m. Cylinder endings are forming oval circle shapes providing stable flat surface. In case that certain part of the floor has to be soft , cylinder endings have inflatable ability, and customer can regulate air pressure in chambers, in the same time he regulates softness of object which he creates. Mechanism is covered with special elastic surface -  flexible, stretchable water resistant translucent  fabric skin � polyurethane-coated Spandex.  This material is installed in a whole room, but there is a little difference between the bed area and the bath area, first area is covered with more pleasant to the touch Spandex, second area material is more resistant to water.

Lights, wardrobe, mini bar, sink and  toilet seats are installed in the walls. Instead of classic doors these objects are hidden behind the special gaps. When these objects are used, gaps are stretched to open.

In the bathroom customer can also choose different shapes to create bathing tub, shower stall or Jacuzzi.

There are two glass walls, first one at the entrance has touch screen control, so customer can see through it while forming objects, second one is a slide glass doors that divides bath from bed area. This is a smart glass, and customer can regulate opacity and blur of glass wall. For different  impression and atmosphere there is a lighting and projector on the ceiling which paints a room with different colors and images. 

Blanco is able to simulate any part of a day (or weather condition outside). In case that guest is coming from different time zone, and needs a few hours of additional sleep, or a little bit of time to accommodate, blanco will create apropriate ambient.


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