Subversion Room
User experience is enriched by the smart technology but not focused upon it


We at DMStudio envisage a future where technology becomes more pervasive, where people carry there digital work and private lives with them when they travel. The future traveler is constantly bombarded with content and will be seeking refuge from this overly stimulating environment.


This concept room is about subverting technology and subtly integrating it into a warm, tactile environment, such that the user experience is enriched by the smart technology but not focused upon it. The room is centered around a CNC routered plywood structure that arches over the living space and provides shelving to the bathroom space. This structure conceals the technology (ie. HVAC systems, projectors, wires and lighting) whilst providing a rich tapestry of shadows and light playing across the curved timber ceiling. This shape is simultaneously futuristic and rooted in the past, drawing reference to both modern aeroplane ribcage structures and to the coffered barrel vaults of the renaissance.  


We have updated the layout of the room, promoting the bathroom to the external window and giving this space a view. One of the key experience overnight travelers have with a room is in bathing and grooming and this enriches it. We have also sunken the bed to conceal it from the living space and offered a flexible lounge/second bed. This makes the bed less dominant in the space making it both feel larger and making it more useful.


We have updated the room control system, integrating the traveler�s own smart phone into a control dock near the door. The user downloads a user friendly �Marriot Room App� that allows them to select their preferences for the mood, climate and wake up time. The alarm clock also controls the mechanical curtains allowing the traveler to wake up to morning light or sleep through the day irrespective of the time zone that they are in. When not in use the mechanical curtains fold away.