"UFO"room-next generation
"Unknown Found Objects" moving into empty room and UFO´s seem like hover in space create room + mood


Only the bath and toilette are fixed installed. The room itself is empty. By using a tablett with touch or voice you move the objects in the wall, the ceiling and the floor. This are furnitures or lights, TV, LED screens with different design/colours you can choose to get your individual room for your staying. You can change always you want and for what purpose you need: sleeping, chilling, reading, eating....having also to do with the time: morning, day, evening, night.
I minimized the room so that objects you need not the same time will overlap and less space is needed.
The guest will have a screen tablet showing the possibilities how to design/use the room in all possible variations and then he can decide with touch or voice the tuning of the room...
will be continued... till the contest will be closed (about 10 hours left...)