Time Machine
time to remember our past, go back in time whenever we want - at least visually


                                                    Time Machine


Legend :

1.        Door to the terrace connecting all rooms on the   floor

2.        Flying Elevator � each room will have a flying elevator  - it can take you to the parking lot, closest bus station etc

3.        In each room there is a continuation living space from the room before. The living space can become:

a)         Hotel room � for the tourists wishing for a cheap, overnight room

b)         Office � for the tourists wishing for the extra+ room

c)          Bath+ - for the tourists wishing for the luxurious room

4.        Door � entrance for the overnight room

       (when the Hotel room extra+, luxurious the door is hidden)

5.        Extra Hotel room �  at first sight is a simple room, but at a touch of the button it can go back in time

(The room will look like the period you miss most)

-          1960, 1980, 2000, 1920, 1932 

            Do you feel nostalgic ?  A button away from history