Efficient Living
The future hotel room shouldn’t be a Science – Fiction Scenario, but more a realistic project


The future hotel room shouldn�t be a Science � Fiction Scenario, but more a realistic project, which guides humanity and his environment into a new age of living: The age of sustainability!

The new generation hotel room should offer today�s comfort, including the continuously growing technical and multimedia-based needs

Connectivity and multimedia:

The future hotel guest should be able to personalize his room individually like it has been done with everyday things of today�s technology, for example mobile phones, TV�s and cars.

The need of adaptation will transfer to the living environment in 2022.

Since our daily routine progresses faster and faster �maybe even faster in 2022 � hotel guests should be given the opportunity to control and operate on their rooms from distance, which would lead to time saving.

Design and living:

The interior design should be built on the classical layout with aspects of modernity and relaxation, thus leading to a new way of living.

Energy efficiency - renewable systems and regenerative sources of power controlled by SMART � LIVING

Due to the operation of highly developed solar collectors one will be able to cover the amount of electricity needed during daytime.

Water saving � The water being used in the basin and shower will be reused in the WC.

In order to control and achieve the best possible energy values a central computer will be installed on the roof of the room, its called E - Sphere.

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