3in1. Mode switching space. SLEEPING/RELAXING/WORKING.


3in1 investigates a fascinating desire to create a room that responds to various guests' needs by adjusting itself to one of 3 available modes. Simple folding/sliding/pulling out mechanisms are at base of the solution. Flexibility/Creativity/Efficiency - these words inspired us. 

StageA - Sleeping Mode
StageB - Relaxing Mode
StageC - Working Mode

People travel for various reasons. Leisure, city breaks, visiting family, business...
There has never been an option before to EASILY adjust a hotel room to their needs. Not mentioning an idea to let the room be adjusted by the guests themselves!

3in1 is a solution that allows to do so. 
Shelves, tables, bedside tables can be easily 'folded' back to create an open plan space. There's enough 'hidden' storage space in the floor (sliding panels as a cover) and a closet that links the room with bathroom. There's possibility to access content of the closet from both spaces - room and a bathroom. Sliding panels that cover closet, jacuzzi ( built-in the floor) and TV sliding panels are made out of polished stainless steel and can easily provide mirror effect. The bed itself that usually takes majority of space in a typical hotel room and disables adding extra furniture can be lifted up by pulley mechanism. As a result there is possibility to have a pure open plan space or pull a desk back and transform the room into an office. TV set enables Skype conference. 
If the weather is far from ideal or the guest simply need to relax - sliding panels covering hot tub/jacuzzi can be open - space becomes a spiritual temple. 

There is a myriad options how to adjust the room to guests' needs. 
According to hotels location - materials and decorations can change (timber panels in Scandinavia... cherry blossom in Japan, vase with Tulips in Holland...) Minimalism is intentional as it allows further delicate and sublime adjustments to create desired atmosphere and provide an unforgettable experience that guests could treasure... 

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