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The holiday was nice and relaxing. Now you have to forget the stress of the travelling and you need go bet back into everyday life. Exhausting flight, heavy legs and the urgent need to sleep. No nerves to copy the photographies onto the drive of your computer.

The day after you upload the photos to your PC: The images must be sorted out, copied onto a USB stick and connected to the TV. A long process which you don't like. "SmartPix" takes it over for you and does everything that is needed.

Once home the camera loads all photos automatically to the hard drive of the Samsung Smart TV. While you're busy unpacking your suitcase and organizing the laundry, "SmartPix" does the sorting and prepares everything to bring the catched moments back to life.
Then you can share the unforgettable moments of the holidays with your friends and family via live stream. You can jump through the photos together and exchange thoughts via video chat.

All described "photos" in the description are of course also all taken videos!

What need does your smart TV app fulfill (e.g. entertainment, information)?

Moments that are beautiful, should be managed well - quickly, simply and intelligently.

The factor of time and work savings plays a major role: The work of organizing travel photos, event photos, etc. can be reduced to minutes.

Furthermore, you can have a look at all the taken photos at home, curled up on the sofa. You do not need to look at the pictures in front of a too small laptop screen, squeezed with your friends.

Everything is done for a cozy photo evening.

How does your smart TV app work (function description/user scenario)?

Once you return from your holiday the camera that recognizes and loads all taken photos onto the hard drive of your TV. With "SmartPix" you will benefit from algorithms that automatically create location-and time-based albums. So you never have to sort the images on yourself. Later you can arrange an appointment with friends at home or via live stream and remember all the nice memories.

What hardware is necessary to use your smart TV app (TV, camera, smartphone, tablet etc.)?

You need a photo camera with Android, which saves the locations via GPS, and knows when you arrive at home. Alternatively you can just connect a memory card with photos to your SmartTV.
You need of course a smart TV to bring it all together and enjoy the pictures and videos on your TV. Furthermore, to get the whole experience, you need a Tablet: First, to sort or delete pictures more easy, and the other for video chat with friends.

Who is the target group for your smart TV app?

The target groups of "SmartPix" are those who have close contact with the Internet, mobile telecommunications technology and photography.

The main target groups are families, couples and singles aged between 25 and 45 years.

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