Wenn ich ein Smart Tv wäre ... würdest Du nie wieder etwas verpassen
This app identifies and finds your favourite tv formats and records them using usb recording.


  • Ermitteln präferierter TV Formate durch Nutzungsanalyse und direkte Bewertung von Sendungen per Handheld
  • Finden solcher Sendungen im TV Programm und Aufnehmen auf Verdacht
  • Anbieten der aufgenommenen Sendungen inklusive Streaming an andere Geräte im Heimnetzwerk

What need does your smart TV app fulfill (e.g. entertainment, information)?

Entertainment and Information

How does your smart TV app work (function description/user scenario)?

The app continuously analyzes the viewing behavior. The camera identifies who sees which items (multiple user profiles per TV). It will be recognized that the TV is on, or if someone is sitting in front of it. With the handheld, each participant can evaluate programs. This preferred TV formats are identified. The app searches the TV listings for interesting items and include this via USB recording. These recordings are then reported to the handheld or turn the TV show.

What hardware is necessary to use your smart TV app (TV, camera, smartphone, tablet etc.)?

Smart TV mit USB Recording und Kamera Optional Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop ...

Who is the target group for your smart TV app?

every single TV user