Ultra Smart App
The Ultra Smart App combines the advantages of convergence in a fantastic overall composition.


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The Samsung Ultra Smart App
will work as follows:

- please watch the movie here: www.kenblock.de/Samsung-Ultra-Smart-App.mp4

The Ultra Smart App is .. with existing and well-established services like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. associated therewith, the wheel is not invented again. Because few users would use new platforms if you are already logged into a large established platform. The user receives functions with easily accessible information and interaction.
It is through this app virtually removed the thoughts and everything served on a silver platter.
Which is highly desirable, because the TV is finally made it to entertain themselves and relax without having to think about yourself.
The app can operate as a pure Smart TV app is fully functional, but your ausreizen by smartphones and tablets, as the app will be a cross-media app, which combines the advantages of TV and phone together.
The issue of convergence is also included with the video on demand to interact and function of opportunity between smartphone, tablet and smart TV.

I ask you to read carefully the idea, as it combines different approaches in a large system, and thus only the "Ultra Smart app" is. The idea is multi-layered and must be seen as a coordinated whole.

Detailed description and instructions for the Ultra Smart App:

- You start the TV

- Regardless of the program, the "Ultra Smart App" appears by default for 7 seconds at the bottom. (The Einblendezeit later in the TV menu can be set.)

- A menu will appear that allows you to control either the TV remote control, smartphone, tablet or hand movements (if the TV has this feature)

- The menu is divided into 10 sub-functions:

- Furthermore, there is the Smart TV function "CURRENT TRANSMISSION RATE" which the user can rate each other live the current program, so as to offer the users a very valuable function with interactive social component.

- On the right displays a 5 day weather forecast for your city previously entered
(Or the site is automatically conveyed by GPS on the phone to your TV.)

- During e.g. Commercials, you can then "Ultra Smart" menu by pressing a button, motion, or sound sensor app launch (future thought) and use the following funct Onen:

* Attention! For the time indicated in the following lines automatic Google search Google Search is integrated into a Samsung website with its own design (should be technically possible to see here: http://www.google.de/cse/) thus is not the user simply forwarded, but is still within the app.

If the Google search engine "fed" with the right keywords Google finds 99% of cases the right offer to the user. These words I have for this idea already developed, formulated and tested for functionality and had a 100% Übereinstummung that the 1st Google Search Result for the word fits.


All information about the program and about the consignment (the current program) obtained. Primary Teletext description is displayed.
Among them, there are 2 buttons. a) "More Information", and b.) "about Wikipedia"

If you click on "More Information" is an Internet connection and built in Google search automatically a search term is entered, the to be made following:

. b) If you click on the button "Wikipedia information" is an Internet connection and built in Google search automatically a search term is entered, the to be made following:

It also has the ability to send from your smartphone or tablet a text message to the TV. Look for example your child Violent movies while you are not home, you can see a smartphone which program is currently running on TV at home. Something does not suit you, you can send a short message from the phone to your TV. e.g. "I am at home in 30 minutes, PS: Zombie Apocalypse is not for children ;-)".

2) FRIEND CHAT (eg about the mission entertained) that is currently running

If you are a "Friend Chat" Star Test, your TV shows you your chat history on the right edge of the screen, the smartphone or tablet automatically starts the "Ultra Smart App" as the input source for chatting.
Is no other device available, you should be able to write with the remote. Here, you will be asked about which source you want to chat. There are e.g.:
"Facebook", "Whatsapp", "Skype", "Google+" or "Twitter", etc. .. available.
You will then immediately forwarded to the appropriate service or linked.

The TV program is running during which further. It has only the bottom screen a "keyboard" for text input and the right message history.
This one has the function to snap pictures and videos and post or to upload from the Media Gallery. Shoot photos goes live, but only if the TV has installed a camera. Multiplayer games would also be possible to sweeten the chat members to a commercial break.


If you missed a show, of course, the angry one. You select the channel and the program that you missed and you click on the button
"Watch episode on the Internet." Then, an Internet access and built in Google search automatically a search term is entered, the to be made following:

An example is:
"Alarm for Cobra 11 RTL Online"

If nothing comes on TV again, you look just video on demand!
Here you will find the opportunity to request a list of the providers:
(These are all providers of video on demand in Germany, according to Wikipedia)

Apple (iTunes)

AonTV Telekom Austria TA

The first: library







RTL Now Nitro


View Rochester


SELECT VIDEO cable Germany


Sky Anytime

Telekom Entertain

The History Channel

Unity Media Library


Vodafone video library



Clicking on the desired provider and is forwarded to the web site of the video-on-demand service provider.
At close of the provider, or press the Back button, the video will pause, so that the next can be seen Gelgenheit seamlessly.

The following situation:
You are watching your favorite show on TV, and the advertising begins with a button click to open video on demand at the point where you paused it before. At the bottom right corner of the TV is still (Advertising) so you can see when you can switch back to your favorite show. If you do that, the video is paused on Demand again and you can in the next commercial break at the same place to look further.

To be informed about current Geschenisse, like the app from the TV with the time and displays on which stations are just what news broadcast.
You want to learn more, just click on a button, "More news" and there is Google News launched within the app, which you can adjust the way individually according to personal preferences. Google News is the world's largest service for information and current events!
If you tried to install even a news feature, this would work well and be much less associated with huge programming.
Unless Samsung already has a similar service, or one such technique.

If you click record on the air, you can also choose a program and time, what should be included when. The special thing about it: This function should also be able to start using a smartphone, PC or tablet if you are not sitting in front of the TV, the extent permitted by the technology. (Eg WLAN, an automatically alignment database on a server, etc. ..)

Here you have the opportunity to look at the weather. Whether at home or if you want a vacation. This is automatically synchronized via GPS or IP address of your site and you conjured up the weather on the screen. Would you but somewhere else, you can also easily change the site and enter any place. You are for example you in Berlin and want to know the weather in Ibiza. Then give "Ibiza" a.
Then, an Internet access and built in Google search automatically a search term is entered, the to be made following:
"LOCAL WEATHER +" - in this case: "Weather Ibiza".
Google automatically provides a graphic with a 5 day weather forecast at said place.
(Whether this is the Google service, NASA service, or the service is installed Wetter.com, is open)

The "Ultra Smart app" shows you a list where you can select your hobby.
"Cars", "football", "technology", "fashion", "photograph", "cinema", etc. ..
Depending on the category then the design is slightly altered by a special logo appears (eg, a football or a F1 car).
Here you have 2 options then: "News about the hobby," "Notes on hobby"
If you click on "News about the hobby" is restarted Google News. You get the latest information. In "Notes" opens a notebook, in which you can enter via mobile phone, tablet, TV or notes. You lay the possibility of photos and videos in this area and note all equipped with a clock function.

e.g. "Do not forget to start selling Galaxy S 4 on 10.07.2013, alarm clock at 16:00 to remind me" (I know the sales start for the Galaxy S4 of course not!)

Add to Favorites storing you can transfer your favorite shows. You can easily from the TV with the remote control to "Favorites" button whilst watching your favorite TV show is running. This is done automatically Weckerinnerung, 10 minutes before the show then starts ringing your phone. One has the feature that the TV will start automatically when the program starts, or that it automatically picks up the shipment.
e.g. "GRIP, RTL2 - clock at 19:00 every sunday"
The data from mobile phones and TV are becoming more aligned with one another when they have contact with each other. I.e. You can also with your smartphone on the App Submit a favorite, if technically possible. (For example a database on the Internet)
This favorite is thus added even with your TV.

Through the cross-media function you can upload pictures and videos from your smartphone to your TV and send your tablet.
This service should operate like a cloud. The main space is e.g. be the hard disk or a USB flash drive in the Smart TV. And on wifi / internet then, all images and videos stored on all devices in a folder, where they are also considered.
If you webspace with username + password provides, this could even be done online and for friends and family members that also use the "Ultra Smart app" could always send pictures and videos to your TV. No matter where they happen to be in the world. That would certainly be a huge added value for those who do not always want to start their PC - and have no desire to connect a HDMI cable to the phone, just to see images on a large screen. The images are automatically sorted by New to Old and can be deleted with a small red "X" at the top right of the preview.

For more ideas and approaches:
A further idea would be that it always displays the commercial breaks at the stations with the duration.
So you can always choose from a list of the channel for which the advertising is just no.
Once the advertising starts, also live is eingeblenadet the length of advertising automatically
so that you can assess whether the advertising block sufficient to eg make at this time for a coffee.
Also would be interesting as a child protection when the current TV program is compared to the smartphone. Look for example your child Violent movies while you are not home, you can see a smartphone which program is currently running on TV at home. Something does not suit you, you can send a short message from the phone to your TV. e.g. "I am at home in 30 minutes, PS: Zombie Apocalypse is not for children ;-)". And / or at the same time these stations via smartphone block or turn off the TV. (Would be interesting if you have forgotten to turn off the TV)

* To the question: Why is the Google search is used with automatic word-entry, there is a simple answer: Many people do not even know what you have to enter to find what you want! The convenience of the people is the key to success. Samsung is using the Ultra Smart App thus thinking for the user ;-) Life is simple, think smart!

What need does your smart TV app fulfill (e.g. entertainment, information)?

  • information
  • Entertainment
  • Social needs
  • The need to use, optimal time [eg through advertising duration timer]
  • And many more ... (please read description)

How does your smart TV app work (function description/user scenario)?

  • There is nothing on TV again? App switching on Video on Demand use!

  • No idea what your child looks at home? Check it using a smartphone!

  • Images at a party? With Smart Cloud from phone to TV License!

  • Favorite show missed? App Launch + shipment online look! Or the next time you remember by clock can!

  • Do I need winter tires? App Launch + weather check!

  • Important football game? Notes + Clock mode use in the hobby!

What hardware is necessary to use your smart TV app (TV, camera, smartphone, tablet etc.)?

Samsung Smart TV - optional you can use a smartphone or tablet

Who is the target group for your smart TV app?

all people!

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