Global Search
The App allows you to search for your movies or TV shows and gives you results from global sources.


Sometimes you want to see a special movie and you don´t know where and when it is shown. The app searches globaly for information and presents the results in a meaningful order. But that´s not all, the app also gives you information about online streaming services and shopping results or if you already have this movie on your hard drive.
You can play it instantly, or set the alarm clock when it is aired on TV.
Also share your television experiences with your friends or arrange with your friends a TV-night over facebook or twitter.

It also gives you all information which are important, e.g. the legality of a streaming service or the price. Everything you need to know in simple access.

What need does your smart TV app fulfill (e.g. entertainment, information)?


How does your smart TV app work (function description/user scenario)?

You start the app and search, using the remote, tablet or smartphone

What hardware is necessary to use your smart TV app (TV, camera, smartphone, tablet etc.)?

TV, Smartphone, tablet

Who is the target group for your smart TV app?