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The challenge
Due to the fact that it is being merged with the web, linked up with smartphones and tablets and in particular because of the new smart TV apps, television is set to become an interactive super medium with lots of new functions.

Students from the most diverse of subject areas are being called on to develop the new app for the interactive Samsung Smart TV. If you wish to participate, the condition is that you are enrolled at a German university for the duration of the competition.

We are looking for innovative, market-relevant and interesting app concepts in the areas of entertainment, lifestyle and information.

The expert jury
The Appcademy is being supervised by a Samsung content competence team made up of Cornelia Pabijan (Product Marketing AV), Jenny Schmaler (Marketing Communications AV), Patrick Weiss (Content Manager TV) and Sang-Won Byun (Content Manager TV). The external expert is Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer (IEB and HIIG). The focus of his research is on electronic business, innovation and social media. Willi Schroll is an expert in emerging technologies. As a trend and future researcher he consults businesses on innovation and future management.
The prize monies
In the preliminary and main rounds prize monies to a total value of €15,000 will be paid out.

The preliminary round on jovoto
The preliminary round is taking place on jovoto.com. The Community determines the ranking of the ideas and selects one of five finalists for the main round. The preliminary jury selects another four finalists for the main round. After completion of the preliminary round each of the 5 finalists receives an advance payment of €1,000 for their work in the main round.

The main round
Awaiting the finalists in the main round are additional cash prizes to the total value of €10,000 and numerous non-cash prizes from Samsung’s innovative product portfolio.

In the main round the task of the five finalists is to further develop their concept for a Samsung Smart TV app. They will be supported in this by experts from Samsung and the industry during a workshop on 31.01.2013 in Frankfurt am Main. In March 2013 the five winner teams will present their concepts and apps in Berlin in front of a top-class jury. The jury assesses the ideas and awards the best Smart TV app idea. With the support of Samsung the best app is finalized, presented as part of a big official event and made available on the Samsung Smart TVs.

Project Jury

Awarded ideas