Save Your Privacy

Data protection is a civil right! The Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen needs your help to clarify this topic.

€2,500prize pool

Data protection is a civil right! The Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen needs your help to clarify this topic.


In the era of digital acquisitiveness of data, the citizens‘ privacy is threatened more than ever before. Only some years ago, the Department of the Interior was considered to be the Big Brother no. 1. Today, big data-processing commercial enterprises are in the center of attention. Google, Facebook and Payback collect tons of data from customers, interlink the data and trade with it without having been restricted by politics so far. Furthermore, customers lose control over their data because of international agreements that enable the data of air passengers to be circulated as well as the SWIFT-Agreement concerning the circulation of bank data.

This development is a global problem which the Greens in Germany address, since the activities of the conservative-liberal federal government in this area is not at all enough for the party: „Committed Sunday sermons and coffee parties with internet activists improve the public perception of the black-yellow coalition government but in reality nothing enhances the precarious situation of the data privacy protection.“ (Robert Heinrich, Chief of Press and PR of the The Greens)

From The Greens‘ point of view, this development has to be confronted with relevant legislative initiatives on the one hand and with well-founded explanations on the other hand.

Communication goals:
The Greens aim at improving the citizens‘ privacy of personal data. They want to make the citizens aware of the necessity to protect their privacy on their own - through “informational self-defense” if necessary. Therefore, they have launched the website in 2008 which provides numerous hints to how to protect one‘s personal data:

The communicative implementation of this topic in a serious yet pointed way is a difficult task since The Greens would like to prevent populism and empty phrases. It already starts with the question of how to present data protection and it ends with the difficulty of how to identify an explicit „bogeyman“ whom to oppose politically.

Consequently, the aim of this campaign is about how to make this topic tangible and how to arouse people‘s interest for their own sake. In doing so, the topic needs to be prepared in such a comprehensible way that it discloses itself to the public immediately in The Greens‘ actions on demonstrations and other events. Not all people are internet freaks who have deep knowledge in this topic. Therefore, The Greens‘ political position and their aim of clarification concerning the data protection needs to be quickly recognizable.

Task Definition

Develop ideas for simple and inexpensive campaign material (e.g. postcards, air balloons, flyers, posters, digital widgets) which The Greens‘ activists can use for their local political campaigns as well as on the internet. The first action the Greens want to use those ideas for is the big civil rights demonstration „Freedom instead of Fear“ on September, 11th in Berlin.
If you can think of additional communication channels which make sense from your point of view: Go ahead! There are no limits to your creativity!   
It is important, however, that the production of these ideas is easy, quick and inexpensive.

Target Group

  • Altogether: all citizens and the general public
  • Main target group: citizens with interest in data protection, internet savvy and rather urban


  • pointed,
  • emotional,
  • with a wink as well,
  • but also oriented on strong arguments and facts

Mandatory requirements

  • This contest focuses on an information campaign. A constructive dispute with The Greens‘ interest in clarification is in demand. Therefore, the contest should not become a platform for a party‘s skirmish.
  • The color green should be included
  • The logo can be included in the background   
  • an URL for identification possible
  • Do not use key visuals which cause costs for The Greens afterwards or whose use will be limited.

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


Aus meiner Sicht ist das Briefing des Kunden etwas zu politisch, neutraler hätte ich es besser und professioneller gefunden. Hier wird ein wenig dieses soziale Netzwerk (jovoto) zur Meinungsmache missbraucht. Aber ansonsten eine spannende Aufgabe mit einem hehren Ziel. Ich bin gespannt.

jo .. eineinhalb absätze hätten auch wegbleiben können. Da stehn wir aber drüber, oder? Das ist doch unser business. Und das diese platform an sich, für die auftraggeber einen nicht zu unterschätzenden marketing-effekt inne hat, ist ja ein teil der tollen jovoto-idee. Jetzt fehlen hier ja nur noch die FDP, die CDU, die CSU und die LINKEN ... dann ist das spiel wieder ausgeglichen. Ich bin auch gespannt. :)

Klar, stehen wir drüber – soo schlimm war es ja jetzt nicht :-)

Thanks a lot for your opinion, identi_tea.

A comment on the use of stock material and other material that might cause costs for the Greens: If needs must, costs for pictures can arise up to 100 Euro per idea.

Was ich seltsam finde ist, dass ich bei einer deutschen Kampagne einer deutschen Partei für Deutschland als Übersetzungsbüro auftreten muss, damit mich das zunehmend internationale Publikum überhaupt richtig versteht und meine Idee bewerten kann. Werden hier in Zukunft also nur noch deutsche Teilnehmer mit perfekten Fremdsprachenkenntnissen eine Chance haben? Diese berechtigte Frage stellen sich bestimmt schon mehr hier. Sollte es in so einem Fall wie hier nicht eine nationale Ausschreibung geben?

Hi countdown, I understand your concern. However, jovoto is an international platform, connecting collective creative intelligence - that's the basic principle we're working on, our unique approach of ideation and open innovation. Even though "Save your Privacy" may be a contest with a clear focus on the German market, it is still the basic idea to connect global expertise on the issue. This way you can get feedback on your idea from eg an US American who might have interseting insights to add. If we shut out each other via language barriers we shut out valuable information and the opportunity of developing the greatest ideas.

Furthermore, as you well know, nobody is requested to have "perfekte Fremdsprachenkenntnisse" - it just takes a small effort and we can all communicate with each other.

Claim zu verschenken: Aus der Diskussion um die Idee:

ist der Slogan "Kein Durchblick mehr!" hervorgegangen. (Daten, Übersicht, Transparenz....) Vielleicht kann damit jemand etwas anfangen. Viele Grüße!

great move! and a really cool claim...

Oh and I wrote this blog post about data visualization, or ehh, rather my humble thoughts on it...

Great news from the Greens! Their Federal Committee is getting involved...