The topic "data abuse" is invisible for the normal citizen, that happens unnoticed somewhere in the background. For them it is not touchable, not real. Nevertheless they lose unconsciously their privacy.

By the confrontation and the vision of the own "nudity" and "disrobement" in completely normal everyday situations the topic becomes however nevertheless real and understandable. The invisible becomes visible.

My idea "NACKT"("NAKED") can be varied several times on poster, banners, postcards... by supplementing situations and locations in which one on warranty would be only reluctantly naked.

For example:
NAKED in the supermarket
NAKED in the open-plan office
NAKED with the interview
NAKED in the elevator

It is also possible to further intensify the topic with demonstrations, in which the demonstrators are naked, wear very less or carry tight skin colored clothes.
Or the softer variant: Distribution of button or T-shirts with the print: " I am NAKED".

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