Schnüffler (Sniffer)


Have chosen the expression of ASCII art to address the online-savvy audience and to symbolize that our citizens' data are stored on mass storage devicesas in form of strings, as well as zeros and ones.

The charcter of the mysterious "Kilroy" or "Mc Kilroy" who looks over the wall, sniffing and spying serves here as a key visual - the "Big Brother" - for all advertising media that can be used:
Posters, promo cards, stickers, T-shirts, balloons and start pages for micro-sites or web banners. Or special "sniffer-sleeves" for mobile gadgets.

WORDS (without any guaranty):

Don't you feel even snooped?
Companies and their brands, which at first glance seem to be sympathetic and inspire confidence to you, increasingly violate your right to privacy, by collecting your data, evaluate and conduct trade with it.

What looked harmless, gets more and more out of control due to careless behavior and lack of regulation.

Inform yourself, be vigilant and actively defend yourself against the methods of data snooping!