The idea:
My campagin idea is to take the lyrics of famous songs and to edit them with a red marker, so that the meaning is totally different and frightening.

My idea for a campaign is the lyrics of famous songs in the headline change with a red marker so that a terrifying new meaning emerges.

The motifs:
The current eight series motifs should be continued. With a skillful selection of older and newer song titles the desired target group could be easily defined.

The Copy
The topic of the head is continued in the copy. And also a solution for the problem is offered. The recipient is further asked for a discussion.

More information and discussions are available at the URL This domain is of course still free.

The design
The design of the individual motifs is purely typographic - no motive to distract from the message and the content. The look is slightly anarchic, it has a good recognition and certainly speaks to the desired target group.

Update V2

I placed the copy on the Backside, so that the front is cleaner and more reduced.

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