Missing - important data


Instead of  a missing cat/dog/person action. Do a missing data action:

- Missing: bankaccount numbre
- Missing: login
- Missing: social security number
- Missing: private data: my shopping list
- Missing: my search behavior from the last 3 years?
- Missing: my chat conversation with my girlfriend last night
- �

Low cost roll-out:
- Sandwich panel advertising + flyers
- Missing posters where you can rip off a piece of paper: info URL + nr
- Missing balloons
- �

I don't know how to translate the idea to German.
I hope you get where this is going to.

I think its very important that it doesn't look like an advertising but it has to feel like a the real deal. When people read the message they will surely wonder what its all about.

Hope the idea fits for the campaign�


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