Gefährliche Augenblicke


What is the most unpleasing moment?
To be watched without knowing and permisson.
So I took an graphical abstract eye ball to force the intention of the audiences.
In combinatiopn with the headline "GEFÄHRLICHER AUGENBLICK! / DANGEROUS MOMENTS" this eye ball get an warning character. The explanation for what the viewer shall be take care is done by the subline - SIEH GENAU HIN UND SCHÜTZE DEINE PRIVATSPHÄRE / "LOOK CLOSER and SAFE YOUR PRIVACY".

I used this way of design to reduce costs and effort in realizations. The uncommercial way of design is supported by an loose arrangement of headline
and sublines. So the advertisment seems not so commerical and more non-profit.

Promo-activity A:
gasfilled WHITE ballons --> eye balls
So the whole ballon looks like an  eye ball. In combination with extra long cord this eye ball ballons will be seen from far away and furthermore this eye ball seems to look overall.

Promo-activity B:
gasfilled ballons with an message card inside---> message fly allround
if somebody feels disturbed by this watching ballon and catch the ballon the message about spying will be getting clearer

Promo-activity C:
flashmob --> meeting of hundreds of people with white ballons on an place. All people holding his white ballon in front of its face. So it looks like they have an big eye