who is watching


Now Imagine the whole campaign:You are at your office, for example. You have men spying, some posters around, and some images in the office toilet. You finish your coffee and realize someone is there as well! Then you notice you've got some bookmarks or binoculars on your desk, so you can spy on people. It might create some insecure  athmosphere for couple of days and It will make you think that any person could be stealing or using your information! You start to care about it!!


My proposal makes people think about all the information exposed and shared without any idea of who is spying, watching and gathering this information for other purposes.

There is a general proposal, for posters and so on, but it would be better if these marketing paper could have a different use, so i thought about bookmarks.

For this bookmarks there is the hole where you can actually see through.

Then there are some stickers with the keyhole image and an eye behind. These can be places in public places like toilets. 

Then there are human size images of one spy who is watching throught glass. These can be aplied on bus shelters, stores or windows. 

Now,, I have also came up with the cups. On the exterior they have the texts and logo. In the interior, in the bottom they have a image of a hole and an eye seeing through, so when you are about to finish the last drops of cofee you can see that someone is watching you...

Then, there is this other idea. Its about binoculars. Following the same concept of spying people. I added a cardboard or thick paper interaction design with a magnifying sheet in the little holes to see through. In the side seeing towards one's face is placed the text and the logo.
Walking around you would realize the silhouettes of men at second floors windows, spying you with binoculars.

Of course i had to come up with the posters so I uploaded them as well. Three proposals.

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