Die Welt weiß mehr über dich, als du denkst.


The concept
Our campaign is based on the term �informational self-determination� named in the briefing. We wanted to build up awareness and get the people think for themselves. We focused on the target group of young (16-39) employees who are familiar with the terms of social networks and data-piracy.

The idea
To look apon a safe future regarding the job, is especially now more than important. The campaign we created consists of two main parts:

Part 1: CV and Letter

The not-so-perfect CV shows the viewer in an unconventional way, that his saved data can be read and seen by thirds (in this case employers) really easy, and must not be underestimated.
People from our target group also receive a letter, which contains a message that informs the recipient about a possible head-hunting, but eventually makes it clear, that this is (because of photos and statements) never going to happen.  The company �DAWAGA Group�, that sent out the letter, actually doesn�t exist in reality. All the information in the letter is made up. When visiting the website www.dawaga.de, the receiver finds out about the faking and is getting redirected to the site datenschutz-ist-buergerrecht.de.

Part 2: Sticker and USB-Stick
The stickers in the �Kick me�-Style point out the underestimation of unnoticed spreading of personal data in a witty way. They work well at street promotions as well as demonstrations and events.
The USB-Stick with integrated combination lock is not only a handy give away, but also contains a browser-tool, that allows the user complete anonymity when surfing the internet.

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