Freiheit statt Angst


The following ideas provide several methods to catch peoples attention and make them more sensible for the subject of "DataProtection".

The first idea is a barcode-button, which can be worn as a fashion gimmick.

The second idea is a T-Shirt, which idicates in a humorous way the danger of beeing careless with private data . It shows how privicy is suddenly behind ypur back part of the puplic.

The third idea are balloon, which carry cards on which participants of demonstrations fill in personal data. The cards are overwritten with "My contribution in war agains terror"

Thr forth idea are fyler and poster. In funny ways deeper insights into the materia is possible. Danger ist shown in a funny way. On every of the three flyer-versions follows a sentencs which says "be smarter" and a link to the website of the green partey.