sould out


<p>Sould(soul+sold) out!</p><p><br></p><p>Theory:</p>

The exaggerated illustration of �selling� your soul to the internet aims to emphasize the risks of handing out private data to the internet.



Private date becomes an economic resource in the internet. To emphasize this the individual is illustrated as an product by wearing clothes with the �sould out� claim.

On big events like concerts or sports events a great number of people wearing this clothes acting as �mass products�can draw an impressive picture.

Thought big, there could be an hole �sould out�-collection realized through an design-competition f.e., to make this political statement an fashion statement. This could help spreading the message.


The exaggerated picture of a naked empty shell left back when you once sold your private data is another way to illustrate the risky situation too . This can be communicated by unclothed display dummies which are installed in well visited places. Instead of the head of the dummy there is installed an rounded sing with the �sould out� claim. This bizarre picture can generate good attention too.

Pictures of display-dummies just used for illustration-reasons. The rights are reserved to corbis and are not part of the idea if sold.