Inhalt ist vertraulich!



Privacy is the protection from unauthorized relinquishment of information. Confidential data and information may exclusively authorized in the permissible way to be accessible. 

�Contents are confidential! � 

The idea 
By marking of different situations and articles with the word CONFIDENTIAL is to be made attentive on the privacy of each particular. Means of communication The slogan »Contents is confidential!« Protection from unauthorized relinquishment of information can appear where it in direct context with that over hand to taken data abuse everywhere stands. 
� Purchase bags (shopping behavior concerns nobody somewhat) 
� Umbrella (protection from video and satellite monitoring) 
� T-shirt (my personality is protected) 
� etc. 

Further can be communicated the campaign with meaningful photos on posters, town City Lights etc.
On the citizen right demo air balloons and letters are distributed. The participants are to be protected by many, many ballons by the monitoring of� above �. Each participant get a letter (here a text over data abuse could), these must it fold independent and into an envelope with the print� confidential �put, seal and on the journey to put. A letter is somewhat and only for a certain person intended completely personal. But now this personal letter without direct addressees is sent on the journey. It will somewhere land then again and humans at it runs past to signal that contents is� confidential �. But exactly this reference will exercise the attraction on or others to open secretly the letter around something over contents to experience.