Yasuní - wilderness for a life
The Fbook Yasuni zoo project


The Fbook Yasuni zoo project :
- Every user will have a species of animal to grow and 2-5 species of trees. -  - - Each animal species - will have its real characteristics : agility, speed, smell, hunting skills, parent skill, mating etc
ex : Lions will hunt zebra -( if user 1 has a Lion and user 2 a zebra : the lion will hunt the zebra, so it depends on the zebra's skills if it will escape the hunter )
- the codes can be used to raise : agility, speed, smell, hunting skills, parent skill etc   to buy   : plants      construct  : den
- - the Forest is continuous, 2 persons with no friends in common can be forest neighbours.

Looking back  in time  at  the turbo/bazooka gums with pictures and stickers - it is time for a reviewed version:

In order to grow them  Yasuni can try to collaborate with Wrigley - for the Yasuni orbit gum - each yasuni pack would have a collectible - animal/plant - sticker - on the back of the sticker you can find a code
          one code represents a jungle update
          three codes represent  a better  jungle (or animal/plant - depends on what you want to grow )  update.

   A part of the money (or all) spent on the Yasuni gum - will go to the Yasuni project - no more hasle donating a buck.

 The yasuni packs will have specific flavours  - maybe a green line of gums.