Yasuni - the cartoon
Yasuni - the real treasure


Well, with so many people involved in jovoto, so many species of animals in yasuni we could try to make a cartoon - a funny way to show why yasuni is so important to the world. The cartoon will be premiered world wide and the money go the yasuni fund.

As story - 2 kids travel through time  in search for their parents (traveling through time their age changes according to their knowledge - optionally ) - each place they go - they help the one's in need. Thei travel to 2011 Yasumi zone where they meet 3 friends, together  find a treasure map - in an old ghost house - and decide to go after it in the yasuni forest, there they discover that in reality the forest and its talking animals represent the real treasure, they discover the hidden tribes inside the forest.
Of course as every story must have - the evil relatives of the old house owner, tried for a long time to find the magical map  and so they start to follow them - with their evil friends. And the story goes on. 

The story can have a very wide species of animals, talking trees and of course the young princess of the forest . with her friends - that was supposed to remain in the forest until its prince would come to rescue her  - and reanimate the forest.


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