A Global Platform for micro-donations and political engagement
A Global Platform for micro-donations and political engagement as a first part of a global communication strategy, A global visual identity and campaign


How can we save Yasuní and help Yasuni-Itt Initiative funding the high goal
of $3 billion?

I think it will need both: worldwide political/governmental and private support.

I suggest a website annoucing Yasun´t-Itt as a revolutionary environmental campaign where you can be a small part of something big: A historical environmental initiative and the biggest online crowdfunding 
project ever to save a beautiful natural resort.

The platform should integrate both, public private micro-donations from all over the world, as well as political pressure and engagement to local governments via online petitions.

The high goal is saving Yasuní, its nature and poeple � together by millions of small pieces of engagement. Political and financially.

The usability should be extremely easy and clear and the feeling should be very present and active. You´ll see the images softly sliding behind the huge counter, the counter will be live counting the overall budget fundet yet, the petition and and micro-donations will have a live ticker.

So there will be  three clear main parts of the website:  "Micro-Donations", "Online petitions by country" and "Change History". On "change history" you find all facts and infos about the project.  

To reach its high goal i suggest to work with strong partners that already have a huge community. Avaaz is running  international political petitions very succsessfully with 8,9 million members, kickstarter.com is the most successful current crowdfunding platform. 

The design presented here is just a first step, visualising the idea.

Next step will be to define the final overall corporate design for the campaign � and a logo. I think the ones i saw could be clearer and more to the point for international global communication.

 Options and add on´s

� What about the sound of the waterfall on the website? 
 (As it is the first picture on the website and underlines the dynamic feeling.)

� Next to facebook-likes picture integration there could be a sponsor logo page as well for worldwide companies donations

� When i was working with these huge numbers i though an INFOGRAPHIC would be really good to have and see. As a usual guy, i can not judge a budget of 3billion, as i never calculate with these numbers. I think an infographic will help a lot to get an idea or analogy and relation to  the numbers. (Compared with governmental cash-flow-budgets, like defense, science, �)

� Key Facts about the initiative under the menu option "change history". Maybe a good place for the infographics as well

� A new Save-Itt/Yasuní Logo for international use that tells you in the first second what is it about. (I am thinking of animal silhouettes with bright colourful gradienst inside the shape if ITT) 

� Refining an overall corporate communication design, that works perfectly internationally


Have a look at www.kickstarter.com and www.avaaz.org 
if you do not already know them, they are amazing.

I showed a part of the avaaz.org liveticker in the design, 
as i suggest a cooperation between avaaz and yasuni-itt for online petitions.

The colourful lens overlay illustrations are created with parts of team work with Maria Greonlund and Xavier Iturralde. See more of this great key visuals finalised by Xavier at the first launch of save-itt.org !!

Photos being used  for non-commercial use only,
and will defenetly be licensed when this becomes real.

Yasuni National Park
Source: Yasuni Website

Rainforest in Danger 
Source: Climate Alliance
Fotos in high resolution for press use only

Yasuní - Rio Yasuní
Source: Climate Alliance
Fotos in high resolution for press use only

Vive Yasuní