My carbon future
I can plant a tree to neutralize the CO2 i produce. Why can't I save a tree to neutralize the CO2 I produce?


the concept of carbon trading is still not widely known. why not kill two birds with a stone: make this a campaign about carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting, very simply put, works like this: if you take a long distance journey, for example, you can calculate how much carbon that emits. Then you invest an amount into a reforestation project, just enough to neutralize your carbon.

This is the problem of the yasuni case - it doesn't fit a carbon trading program because, well, the jungle is STILL THERE. But it's kind of stupid in a way. Why can't I save a tree instead - a tree which is already old and grown and a much better CO2 neutralizer than a freshly planted one?

So how about making a carbon trading progam: Save one tree NOW and plant one for the future. It may take 50 years until the tree is large enough to neutralize your carbon, so if you want to live your life 'carbon neutral' you should make sure this happens now and not in some hypothetical future, right?

Save one, plant one.

Open for collaboration!

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