The concept:

In souvenir shops or environmental Yasuni stamps are offered for sale. The stamp costs $ 2, for example, of which $ 1 will be charged as soon as a donation. The stamps themselves can also be distributed to environmental meetings. Once one has such a stamp, you can let your creativity run wild.

The advantage is, of course, that the stamp is perfect for a $ 1 note. Who would have thought? ;)

If one would imagine a person alone has the idea of ??100 times to $ 1 stamp on this would be the first step. In addition, you can stamp on everything of course, comes along. Letters, packages, or magazines in public places.

Once you hold one of those dollar bills or something else stamped in your hands, you will wonder "What's Yasuni?" and is when the "gorilla" marketing rolling.

If Xavier times has a dollar note, he should send me this please!