Mystery Seed
Distribute seeds in grocery/convenient stores, or other crowded places. People can find out about the seed and instructions on how to grow it in Yasuni-itt website. Once there, they can find out information about the cause and how to donate.


The main idea here is that people will receive free seeds (and other necessary supplements, such as soil and plastic bags) and they get to grow them by themselves. How many of you have grown a small plant before? I'm sure many people have never had that experience. The rationale is that this activity will bring them closer to nature. The excitement and hardship they experience in the process will increase their attachment and sense of belonging to the Yasuni cause. This will increase their propensity to donate as they 'feel' for the cause.

What will be distributed is just a bag of seeds with an ID number and a link to the Yasuni-itt website. A volunteer will help register the person to the global database. Using names or other particulars as the password, people can unlock the bag of seeds assigned to them and discover, among other things, the type of seed and the instruction on how to care for it. An added functionality can be included where people can report the progress of the plant they grow, increasing their frequency of visit. This is, of course, a way to get people to visit the website. Once in the website, people can find more information about how they can help to save Yasuni. This in itself already fulfills the objective to increase people's awareness of the problem. In addition, an online petition can be made available to be signed by the visitors to put pressure on the government.

Above and beyond, those who grow the seed can really see how their effort is an important part of a global movement. They will relish in knowing that there are millions of others who have done the same through the "total seeds grown" counter. "There are actually millions of other Yasuni seeds out there just like the one sitting on my desk!" In addition, the consequence of the effort can be quantified through the "pollutants removed" counter. They will find out how much car-emission they have helped to clean through their collective effort.

After reading the above description, I hope you have a sense of how delightful people are to be part of a global effort. They will crave to do more collectively and to continue to be part of it. Thus, when they see the donation link, they will be more inclined to donate, especially once they know that almost everybody else who grows the seed - people like them - have also donated to the cause.


- Sorry for the poor website design. I made it just to illustrate the idea. A real web designer should be able to make it look much more professional.
- I think not letting people know what type of seed it is when it is distributed gives them a sense of mystery and excitement that will make them more eager to visit the website. To add even more mystery, the seed type can be excluded in the website. This will leave people guessing and make them more excited.
- The cost of seeds, soil and plastic bags is the main initial capital needed. I don't think this is too expensive. We can probably gain support from green movements and ask them to collaborate to provide these.
- For people who cannot donate online, we can request that they come back after a certain duration to confirm that their plants are doing well, and ask them for donation then. I think it is important to ask for donation only at the end since that is when they have gone through the process and be more supportive of the cause. We can take pictures of them with their plants and create an online collage. This will be a magnificent view. All these millions of pictures can also be put together to form a mosaic.


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