the tree of life project
The ugly truth is that for now only money will clean a part of your bad habits on this planet ...


Create a �tree of ancestors / tree of life� site that will keep forever the memories of people that lived on this planet and make a minimum effort to help it. It is a kind of virtual purgatory for all humans that have a little bit of conscience. (In this case money will clean a part of your bad habits on this planet)

The idea is to create a internet website organized like a fractal model that can be zoomed, accessed and filtered to get the information (private or not) that you stored about your family and friends.

This information will be transmitted from generation to generation like a time capsule to create a ancestor tree model about earth inhabitants. It will grow forever because always people will born and die � and always Earth will face problems.

This I site could have some chances to work because of the human need to be remembered � the problem is that consciousness is a variable and relative stuff.

The site can be organized like a forest with a tree for each cause � or like a single tree for all with different branches �. also it can be filtered in a personal tree.


- lot of space for information storage but can be shared with sites like Facebook, Picasa � or others

- big press campaign

- difficult to create a cult/tradition from this

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