1st idea: illustrated campaign to draw attention to the case of yasuni


It's important to inform about the problem of the Yasuni - National Park as much as possible.  In much different ways & different media, with an advice, where you can help, in best case with various possibilities. For example donation, buying including donation, competitions and others ways to help. 

My artwork could be used as campaign, for t-shirt-prints, poster- or postcard-prints. 

The illustration as campaign deals with the danger of disappearence of Yasuni because of oil production with consideration of time factor. So i used an oil drop in connection with elements of the rain forest (locals, plants, animals) as key visual. My idea is that the oil drop displaces the living rain forest from the 1st campaign-poster to the next, till there is only a little rest of green! So the posters have to be placed in progressive times.

hope you like!

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