Yasuní Sí!
By dialing a certain phone number, you automatically give $1 to a UN Trust to save the Yasuní Forest. You can dial that number as many times as you wish. You can also help by passing on the phone (and/or email) msg to your friends.


It could start with a list of members from the WWF. They would get a msg like: "We have established a UN Fund Trust to save the Yasuní Forest in Ecuador�one of the most diverse forests in the world�from being destroyed. The Yasuní is not a local treasure, but a world reserve of oxygen. With every dollar we raise, we are closer to achieving or goal. By dialing XXX you will be donating $1 to this cause and contributing to a better world. You may dial as many times as you wish. And of course, you can pass this msg on to your friends. Every Dollar Counts!"

The image could be downloaded for free or be part of a support campaign of posters or stickers.

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