Auction AIR from Yasuni´s Trees on Ebay
Yasuni is a rainforest reserve located in Ecuador a little banana republic in South America. Why the world should care if Yasuni is in danger of being exterminated? Because the Yasuni is an important part of the breathing air reserve of the planet.


This campaign is based in a symbolic action and the use of the popularity that ebay has.

First in collaboration with Ebay we create a "real" auction for the Air of the Yasuni´s trees. The minimum price is $1 dollar but you can give more. The auction ends in July, and the Save ITT account receives the donations.

We ask Ebay to give us space in their front page promoting the auctions as a novelty and as a donations campaign. 

After the ebay user "buys" the air they will receive and automatic mail response with a code that they can enter in a Facebook app to send to their loved ones Fresh Air in the form of a Virtual Air Freshener made to look like a rain forest tree.

While the viral campaign advances thru ebay and facebook, we will contact mayor corporations to offer them participation in the FRESH AIR CAMPAIGN. Companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi talk about happiness and positive thinking. By joining our cause and donating a large sum of money they can wear the Fresh Air Logo.