Save the Arctic

Help save the Arctic by generating signatures for a global sanctuary! €5,500 prize pool

Help save the Arctic by generating signatures for a global sanctuary!


Oil drilling and climate change are threatening the Arctic, but Greenpeace is committed to protecting this unique region: on already more than two million people worldwide are supporting the campaign to protect the Arctic. We want to further increase this number – which is why we need your help!


Shell and other corporations want to drill for oil in the Arctic, although oil drilling is particularly dangerous in this area due to the extreme conditions. There is no safe method to deal with oil spills in the freezing waters of the Arctic. 


Greenpeace activists are actively campaigning with protests against the oil companies’ Arctic projects. With the signatures on Greenpeace wants to increase the pressure on politicians and corporations, in order to enforce an internationally recognized global sanctuary and ban offshore drilling for oil in Arctic waters.


The problem: The Arctic keeps the world climate stable and is therefore important for everyone in the world. But it is far away and doesn’t have much of a visible impact on the personal lives of most people. How can we manage to win over the people in Germany and encourage them to help protect this extraordinary region?


Greenpeace is a non-violent, independent and charitable environmental protection organization. Since 1971 Greenpeace has been dedicated on an international level to the protection of our natural environment. And its first priority is the principle of non-violence. The organization is independent from governments, political parties and economic interest groups.


Greenpeace is looking for fresh and unusual ideas that will attract attention to and that will convince millions of people to sign the petition!

Task Definition

Develop clever and unusual communication ideas that encourage as many people as possible to sign the Greenpeace petition on to protect the Arctic!


Your ideas can be:

  1. Ideas for classic online media (e.g. banners)
  2. Social media ideas that spread virally by themselves, e.g. web films, web applications etc.
  3. Ideas that are easy to realize and which encourage people to become active themselves and inform others about the Arctic campaign by Greenpeace and/or to collect signatures
  4. Ideas that support the 4300 volunteers from Greenpeace in their work at info stands on the street 

We are not looking for ideas for classic communication measures like print campaigns, poster visuals, TV or radio ads, as they would exceed the budget available.


Target Group

  • Of course every signature is just as valuable to the initiative and all signatures are welcome.
  • Experience shows, however, that people from the socio-ecological and ethically-oriented middle-classes (oriented on the so-called ‘Sinus-Milieus’ in Germany) are most likely to participate in the initiative, which is why they constitute the core target group.


  • smart
  • emotional but not sentimental
  • proactive 
  • committed
  • authentic

Mandatory requirements

  • All ideas are welcome!
  • The petition website must be included in your idea!
  • From text manuscripts down to a finished campaign, everything is welcome!
  • Ideas with good feasibility and low costs will have an advantage.


Halftime Feedback



Overall Feeback

Thanks a bunch so far! We have a lot of single good, interesting and unique ideas with a wide range – and  actually they are  from all over the world!


What is missing and we would like you to think of and work on is scalability, connectivity from on- and offline (think about connecting like urban guerilla events and Facebook) as well as the tonality in some ideas.



1) Make sure that your key-visual and design is scalable,

So try to work with illustrations that can be used on pins, stickers and shirts as well as huge prints or projections on fascades of buildings

2) Scalabilty in the sense of efficiency and expanding the campaign from a small a test run to huge international scale, that can be used internationally if its a killer idea.


Efficiency & Connectivity

Keep in mind the goal of the project. The aim is to find and run unusual ideas that will attract a lot of attention to and that will convince millions of people to sign the petition. Please think how you can create extremely high reach with your idea AND work on a smart connection to online media like Facebook to really GET millions of signatures.



We think the full potential of SOCIAL and ONLINE media has not be en used yet. Please try to focus on Facebook, Twitter and banners to get millions of people engaged and sign the petition. The campaign website is run by international offices from Greenpeace in multi languages so it will be a bigger step and much more expansive to implement ideas there.


But - If you have an extreme killer idea, you can suggest ideas for the website as well. The most realistic way i would recommend you, will be to suggest a test run in germany, and it can be a small but smart killer idea, provide scalability and then, if its a big success, why should greenpeace not think of  expanding it internationally ? = )


Greenpeace suggested you could connect your idea with their existing media as well. Here are awesome videos, some of them have already been posted in the comments.



Greenpeace is and its campaigns are political, active, emotionally strong, clear, direct and brave – campaigns take place where the origin of the problem is and confront the people that are responsible with their problem.

Actions and campaigns are not aggressive but provoking – and should be smart.  Usually they get high recognition – just think of activists climbing on a nuclear power plant to place a huge poster there – and have a strong connection between the action itself and media.


Yeah! = )

Thats a lot of feedback.  Please take the feedback as inspiration to sharp your idea – or create something new.  We would love to get to the point – that we finally created killer ideas to get millions of signatures to save the Arctic. Together.


Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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