Signature T-Shirt
T-shirt design concept for very many signature lines on people to sign on shirt


A t-shirt design with Greenpeace campaigns and many signature lines across and anywhere on the shirt.

The shirt is to be worn anywhere, in clubs, on the street, sports, etc.
Friends, acquaintances, relatives, strangers, and those interested like to sign on the shirt. If many signatures have come together, the shirt is sent to Greenpeace.

Back: In bold letters: SIGN HERE NOW 

What problem does your idea solve?

The extensive and striking signature collection, which provides for interest.

An action which surely many people would like to participate and join in numerous

How does your idea solve the problem?

It is visually and is something special when a lot of people whether known or completely foreign to sign the shirt together.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

Spread a T-shirt design and possibly pictures of it (both the shirt itself as well when people sign) on the Internet, social media, etc.

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